Chronique “Bug Terminal”

Throughout his work in Stef & Arno, Antena Tres, The Irradiates, and Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards, Arno de Cea has proven himself to be one one hell of a psycho, frantic, and all around excellent guitar player. At some point calling it « surf rock » sounds too leisurely, not desperate enough, no matter how big the imaginary wave. From the very first note, of « Bug Terminal » it’s loud, huge, bold, and so hyperactive that I struggle to come up with some sort of activity that this would be suitable for. Catastrophe rock? Apocalypse rock? There are a few moments on here where he changes up the pace: an acoustic number (« Ascension »), one vocal punk track (« The Hammer and the Nails »), one that’s pretty much doom metal (« Soy Diabolico »), one slow one (« Meduses »), and one mid-pace track (« Loose Lips Sink Ships »). The rest are all warp speed, as they should be.

There’s a vinyl copy on the way, and when that comes they’ll set price for the digital copy. But until that happens, it’s « pay-what-you-want » on bandcamp. GO DO THAT! By the way, that album art comes from Victor Marco who was responsible for the Irradiates’ « Revenge of the Plants » that won a best album art Gremmy last year.

                                                           by hunter on Mon, 07/13/2015

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