Gremmy Awards 2015

Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards – Bug Terminal

If you’re looking for the heaviest instro record of 2015, I believe this is your stop. If you’re not already acquainted with his work with the Clockwork Wizards, hopefully you know Arno from The Irradiates (), Antena Tres or Stef and Arno. Arno is as frantic as he’s ever been, but the guitar sound is colossal on a catastrophic level, and meaner than ever. I’m curious how fans of post-rock like Russian Circles or even Converge or Envy fans would receive this, as it seems to shoot for a similar vibe of epicness and rage. That said, one of my favorite tracks is actually the more melodic (not to mention Anthemic) « Loose Lips Sink Ships ». An absolutely killer album and I continue to look forward to anything Arno touches.

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